10 reasons why harem pants are important items in every closet

10 reasons why harem pants are important items in every closet

10 reasons why harem pants are important

Harem pants are long, baggy pants that are fitted at ankle. In all kinds of social fields, they are progressively in vogue. These pants have now permanently regained their position in closets after having experienced a slow beginning, followed by achievement, decrease and oblivion. The crotch pants are now seen everywhere in both masculine and female wardrobes in vogue collections. Originally known as harem skirt, they were launched by the Parisian designer Paul Poiret to western fashion circles in 1909. The Harem pant was regarded at the moment to be a contentious way to introduce pants into a closet for women. First seen in Persia 2,000 years ago, the pants were worn among various middle-eastern tribes by women to depict modesty and innocence (Henderson). The pants ' fashion style and design were loose around the hips and legs, diminishing any trace of a feminine body shape. These pants had a very loose (i.e. modest) cut, and often came with a mid-length skirt that covered the top half. The higher hemlines and masculine connotations of the garment were still regarded too scandalous, despite the reality that these trousers literally showed no more of the body than a skirt would. The pants also symbolized the position of Muslim women as patriarchal property and underdeveloped personality, also seen in the pants ' loose fit (Nguyen). When doing home chores, men and other family members wore the trousers, as this baggy fit enabled them to finish their chores comfortably. Salvars and Shalwar are some of the pants' frequently used names during this span of time. The Persian term Salvar, which is an important component of everyday life, actually implies pants(Henderson).

With the assistance of a woman's rights activist Amelia Bloomer, the stylish trouser made its debut in Western culture in the mid-1800s, hence the name bloomers acquired popularity across many feminine communities including suffragists and Strangite Mormons. For the persevering women, the pants served as a uniform, illustrating the gender boundaries that they wanted to break. Before this period, females had not worn the pants in public. The women wore thr pants purposefully, not with style. They started dressing in the pants as they expanded the limits of their traditional apparel and wearing what was deemed provocative clothing as pants were traditionally worn by males in Western culture. Women deliberately dressed like males by wearing these trousers and thus associated themselves with masculine authority and privilege. There were also women who dressed in harem pants deliberately because they liked the connotations of masculine authority and privilege depicted by the garment. As pants became more common in the women's closets, for a few more centuries the harem silhouette dropped out of fashion in favor of slimmer, daring cuts. The pants served as a voice for the female population, much like their suffragist families. While these new pants would give more comfort than the frequently worn corsets and petticoats at the moment, Amelia failed to persuade most females to hang up their old clothes for the exciting fresh options on offer. Harem Pants ' popularity once again diminished, but these western pants did not just sit on the canvas like a dodgy Rocky sequel; they discovered a way to fight back.

In American and Western European culture, a significant rebirth of the harem pant fad took place when French designer Paul Poiret included oriental and Persian influences in his collection of 1909. At the time, he was a well-known designer who later developed a profound love for oriental outfits. However, the concept of revisiting the harem pants came to mind during one of Diaghilev's Russian ballets he attended in Paris in June 1909. Scheherazade has been the ballet's evocative name. The colorful outfits, the baggy pants worn by male and female dancers and the exoticism emerging from the play all had a profound impact on him. It concept of revisiting and customizing harem pants was born. As before, this new trend continued for a while, but in the Western world it again began to lose popularity. However, his next resurgence saw his popularity rise to much higher heights. Harem Pants began reappearing in the 1960s and 70s, but it was the 80s that saw them break into the main stream consciousness for the first time. Their reprisal was catapulted by "You can't touch this!" hip hop music video. The video featured the rapper "MC Hammer dancing around in a couple of what was eventually nicknamed "Parachute Pants" or "Hammer Pants"; a design that saw the baggier top half as real to the initial Harem Pants but fit around the lower arm with the slight variation of a skinnier jean. The advantages of this model were not only that it saved on fabric, but that it permitted freedom for the wearer while creating a zany look. Just as Harem Pants ' popularity seemed to be diminishing once again in 2009, Ralph Lauren published his spring collection, which re-established designer opportunities. Just as the popular feminists had done with the bloomers in the 1800s before, modern celebrities were to be key in promoting and showcasing the many variations of Harem Pants over the years, all the way to the present day.

Today, you can see these drop-crotch pants from runways to workplaces anywhere. The pants are intended with a business-like, chic, and official fashion style in an attempt to appeal to the high cultural element of American civilization. The word harem pant has now been generalized to describe any pant with a usually low falling crotch seam (Nguyen)ranging from the overly-baggy parachute pants of MC Hammer to a slimmer fit that is more accustomed to the skinny youth jean of today. Everyone seems to be getting creative with pant cuts lately. From the tightest skinny jean to the most voluminous wide-leg bell-bottoms, you can get just about any style you can imagine. These is one style that, as of late, has been particularly trendy, playing with form. MC Hammer associations ' days are gone, Harem pants are among the most chic bottoms out there. You would believe such an unconventional cut would last just a season, but as a more mainstream wardrobe product, these pants are gaining steam. These pants are an incredible staple of fashion that deserves its place in every closet. They are one of the coziest clothes ever invented. In distinct areas, they come by distinct names such as elephant pants, parachute pants, Thai pants, bloomers, and pantaloons. However, this Turkish style pants ' real old name is Shalwar or Salvar.

Every now and then, no matter how many controversies this piece of clothing has been put through, it continues to pop up in fashion style. Once again, the baggy and tapered contraptions appear on the paths. In the fall collection of 2009, labels like Givenchy and Balenciaga take girls with a classic touch back to harem pants. Later celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham flaunted it as a boss on board. Some of our favourite celebrities in harem pants have also been seen bossing their way around and we certainly root for it.From Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez, these favourite celebrities in different fashion styles are rocking harem pants. Another prime instance of Harem celebrity endorsement is the shiny red Harem Pants of Justin Biebers. Justin Bieber's youthful pop sensation went out on stage wearing a red couple of Harem Pants that seemed to receive more publicity and coverage than Justin himself. Also, the essential comfy hippies are no longer reserved for workouts and casual day outs, they can be edgy, bold, and fashionable when necessary. Because of their elegant but dramatic edge, they have developed into one of the most famous fashion items. They are totally amazing as well, making them an important closet for all ages.



  1. Price: You can readily fit these pants into your budget, as it is quite inexpensive. You can also buy them for yourself or as a gift to someone, and this is one of the reasons why you should fill your wardrobe with them.
  2. Easy to wash & dry: It is easy to wash by hand or washing machine and they dry effortlessly.
  3. Comfortable: No one can deny that harem pants offers comfort than the classic skinny jeans. Harem pants are very comfortable and become like your second skin. They are made of materials that are breathable. And particularly if you wear them all day long, this is fantastic. They are the most comfortable pants to wear. You hardly know that you wear them because they are so light. They are fitted with a wide leg and a smocking waist that makes you feel safe and comfortable. They conceal all the unwanted lumps and bumps that many women do not want to show. They are used frequently on a motorcycle or scooter in the hot climate zone to get around the city and do our regular tasks. These trousers are ideal to wear over your long-johns or tights for cold climate zones such as areas of the US and UK etc.
  4. Flexibility: Harem pants allow you to enjoy your daily operations with ease and style without restricting movement. You can never go wrong with a couple of cropped harem pants with a tie waist during the dry season, spring and summer. The loose, baggy material allows you to move around freely and comfortably without worrying about tearing your pants. On the hot days, the cropped arm will keep you cool and assist you attain the chic, stylish look you're going for.They give flexibility as they can be readily combined with distinct clothing types, resulting in a good look at all times. Depending on the occasion, you can dress readily with harem pants up or down. We can spice up our pants outfit depending on the occasion by simply adding or removing some accessories. Some of the daily operations you can do including wearing harem pants; dancing, yoga, shopping, house chores, work, walking, aerobics, driving, gardening, beach, sleepwear, etc.
  5. Maternity: You can wear these pants at any point of your pregnancy for that unique moment in your life without that tightening sensation around your waist and still look stylish and sexy.
  6. It is stylish and comes in Colorful Patterns: Although these pants have a loose-fitting design and a casual vibe to some extent, when correctly combined with other fashion piece, they may look very elegant. Throwing in a straightforward color a couple of harem pants can spice up any outfit. They come in an enormous range of colors, patterns and styles. This makes your favourite accessories simple to wear. Some proposed tips mix your Harem Pants with simple colors or stylish accessories in your style as they highlight your uniqueness.
  7. Travel: Perfect for a plane, boat, bus or road journey as they are so light and breathe very well. Also, we all need to maintain our luggage at some weight these days. Each weighs below 200 grams. They cover your body so that in foreign countries you don't look naked to the eyes.
  8. Show Off Your Waistline: In these fashion styles, one thing that is loving is the broad elastic banded waist that makes one look really good. They bring out your waistline and give you the real feminine look. Politically highlight your waist and bottom region. Another proposed tip is to wear a belt to highlight your waist.
  9. Uniqueness and individuality: This uniqueness and individuality is given by the baggy design and fitness at the ankle.
  10. Cotton/Rayon Fabric: Harem pants are produced from 100% Rayon fabric. Rayon is a fabric that is very light and durable. It breathes well to help you feel cool and dry by enabling air to flow. Touching is smooth and hardly requires ironing. The ideal women's fabric. Like that of Cotton.

There are so many reasons to purchase a Harem Pants pair. With so many distinct style variations available now, these pants can be used to excellent impact from the intelligent & sexy look to the more off-beat style of the Avant Garde. With their capacity to readily give such uniqueness to an outfit, it's simple to see why contemporary fashion designers continue to jump on the creative bandwagon to develop these once simple clothes continuously. With nearly everything in your closet, they blend well. At the hips, at the waist or even higher, you can wear them low, and the straps do not necessarily have to reach the knees. Most pants are either intended with a drawcord or an elasticated waist that enables a lot of wiggle space in the size department. In design, they are unisex and good as a couple wear, making a closet more flexible. Just wearing them makes you look very trendy and classy right away. Harem pants also fit most body shapes, making them a garment that is most forgiving and fashionable.

I hope this will help you decide whether to purchase some or not, and perhaps take away any indecisiveness. Harem pants are consistent bestsellers in the women category on Bohemian Harempants. You can buy distinctive styles and patterns at