What do you wear with harem pants?

What do you wear with harem pants?

What do you wear with harem pants?

Wearing harem pants is a great way to express yourself. It can be a lot of fun to wear these because they are super comfortable and just a pleasure to use all the time. Yes, it’s not always going to be easy to adapt them to your style. But if you time it right and you know what you are getting into you will like them a lot. It all comes down to combining your harem pants with clothes that supplement their style. Or you can go the other way, which is combining with something that is completely different and see how it works. Either way it can be an extraordinary experience.

Going down the funky road

One of the options with the harem pants is to go super funky. That means pairing with a colorful jacket and a printed tank top. This way you will have no problem standing out while also showcasing the uniqueness of these pants. The idea is to just be creative and come up with cool options and using colors that everyone likes.

Wintery and fun

A lot of celebrities like the idea of pairing harem pants with clothes that make it feel like it’s winter. Denim pants and jackets are always nice and the harem pants style are a great idea in a situation like this. The tank top can be bright, and you can use a blue denim jacket to spruce in some color if you want. That will work to your own advantage and if you give it a try the payoff can be among some of the best all the time. Just remember that you can spruce up some colors, customize and try to adapt them as you go along.

Leather jacket world

We believe that harem pants are always a great fit if you go with a leather jacket. You can have sandals and a simple tank top, white or gray will do just fine. The focus is on having a black or any other for the jacket that really sets the tone for the outfit. You don’t want it to be super simple, but at the same time you also want to express yourself and using this kind of colors can give the right vibe and ideas, you just have to adapt and improve as you go along.

Crop tops

If you want to have a great outfit with your harem pants, it does make sense to combine them with crop tops. The leather-based crop tops and harem pants are pretty interesting because they exude sex appeal. On top of that, they are super trendy, they look amazing and you will appreciate the great quality and value being brought to the table with every design, which is always a major plus in a situation like this. Adaptability is key, remember that adding the right colors will make all the difference in the world, just use it as an advantage. In this case darker colors will be the right option. Maybe the crop top darker and the pants a bit lighter.

Street style

When you go with this approach you will have the harem pants, a matching top and a jacket that has a very distinctive contrast between all of these. In the case of this particular outfit you do want to go with a thick belt that has pretty much the same color as your pants. The shoes can be whatever you want, just try to retain the same color if possible, as that will help you get the best results and approach in a situation like this.

Beach outfit

Of course you can also use the harem pants for a more leisure-focused, uniquely themed outfit. The beach inspired outfit works great with harem pants. In this case you can have a pink or red striped shirt, some beige/white harem pants and puffy sleeves. The shoes can be similar to the pant colors, so take that into consideration and it will be worth it all the time. The trick with this particular outfit is to maintain the same color palette and you will find it pretty interesting and fun all the time. Just try to be creative and focus on making it unique, you will be happy with the results here.

Spring and fun

We have a very interesting idea here. If you want to have a spring time vibe, you do need harem pants that have a darker shade, the same with the waistcoat. But if those are darker, then you need to have a floral or bright color tunic and then that will create a very distinctive and fun look. You can also bring in all kinds of interesting accessories that retain the same color. Ideally they have the same color as your pants to avoid any issues. It will be a worthwhile approach and one that will give you the utmost success and value!


For a lot of women, it can be easy to use harem pants with the polyvore idea. The trick here is to have the blue and gray color combination. You need a blazer, a simple belt and then the coloring needs to be retained with all the accessories. This really helps a lot when you want to set a very specific tone and you will like the great attention to detail and unique set of ideas that you bring to the table here. It’s not an easy approach, true, but it will totally be worth it as long as you stick to it.

Silky materials

When you want to go for a party style approach, a good idea is to opt for some silky material harem pants. These are great because you can look amazing and still move around without a problem. If you go with that, use a tailored and fully fitted blazer. Now you do need a contrast piece, and in this case you do want the scarf to be long and also of a very distinctive color. It’s the scarf that will try to make this outfit more interesting and appealing, so that’s definitely one of the ideas that you want to pursue in a situation like this.

Learn from celebrities

A lot of celebrities wear harem pants especially when they want a more casual approach. They tend to go with washed out harem pant colors and a black coat. You don’t really have to go over the top with these pants. In fact a few contrasting colors can still give you the results and experience you want, just commit to making it very interesting while also not doing things over the top.

Wearing harem pants at work

Is it possible to wear these pants at work? Yes, especially if it’s chilly outside or at work. You can make it stand out with the darker harem pants. The same color should be retained with the entire outfit, maybe the tank top can be a bit lighter in color for a bit of contrast. Now that you have that, all you need are some sunglasses, simple jewelry pieces and heels, maybe a dark bag and you are good to go. Again, this needs to be a tamer, simpler approach and nothing too crazy. But it will work super well and it’s adaptable to your needs, as long as you know how to tackle everything and you make it work in a powerful and proper manner.

Matching the heels

You can also wear heels with the harem pants. That might seem a bit tricky to do, but it works as long as you are creative and go with the right set of ideas. The focus here has to be on using your heels as the main color setter for the entire outfit. The same color needs to be used for the pants, and then you play around with some larger bracelets, darker jackets and a white striped shirt. This doesn’t have to be very difficult or super complex. As long as you have the main ideas laid down, it will totally be worth it and you will surely enjoy this all the way without that much of a problem.

Combining harem pants with sneakers

In this case you do want to have a simple shirt and make sure that everything works in an adaptable and powerful manner. You want the process to be unique, distinctive but also creative at the same time. Simple accessories will work great. The idea is to match your sneakers with the coloring as you try to make the harem pants a proper piece in the entire outfit. In order for this to work you do want to go with the dark coloring, as that’s what really pushes things to the next level in a very creative way. Try to make it powerful and fun while also making it a bit over the top if you want. Just be creative and play around with these ideas to make it work.

Plus size harem pants

These are quite interesting and handy if you are a plus size woman and still want to sport some cool pants like this. The trick here is that you want to keep them black as that will help slim the leg lines. It also helps bring in a way to balance your torso from a visual standpoint, so it will be a great idea to consider and go from there if possible. Just make sure that you don’t have some really light colors with plus size harem pants, as that doesn’t really work very well with any outfit. Petite women can go for the high waisted design and a white top. You can even tuck the top into the pants so you can feel even slimmer. In this situation high heels are a must, especially if you want this outfit for the office.

Printed designs

We found that these can break the monotony and you can come up with some really crazy designs if you want to. The idea here is that you want printed harem pants, maybe a floral print or some dotted prints. The idea is to go with geometric prints if you have a rather tame outfit aside of these funky pants. They can work really well especially if you go in exotic locations, so try to take that into consideration and it will totally work in a situation like this.

Go with other cool fabrics

Most harem pants tend to be made out of polyester cotton or lycra. But there are other materials you can choose too, like ramie, cotton linen or linen. The linen harem pants are very good because they are soft and they come with natural drapes. That gives you a wonderful carefree approach. In this case you do want that loose clothing as it will make you feel a lot better and the colors will stand out pretty well because of it. Think about the colors and the approach that you have, it will always work if you commit to a certain style.

Never go bright on bright

As we mentioned earlier, you do want to have either the tank top, jacket or harem pants as the main focus. If you focus on too much stuff at the same time you end up with a sensory overload and you want to avoid that. Simplicity is key with these things because you want to make it unique, different and the visuals will set the tone for that really well.

We believe that with the right ideas you can easily match your harem pants and make them unique for any outfit. It’s definitely not a walk in the park to build up an outfit with harem pants. You need the right vision and you also want to push the boundaries and focus on the best results that you can achieve. If you do it right then nothing will stand in your way. It totally gives you a sense of value and perspective, all you have to do is to commit to it and match everything based on where you choose to go!